After the purchase of your property, we provide services such as project follow up, delivery, moving, relocation, renovation, periodic maintenance of your real estate, municipal subscriptions and securing the property you have purchased, within the scope of after-sales support. With these services, you can start adding your own personal touch to your property, and step into your new life with confidence. For some, owning a property in a different country or city, designing it according to their own wishes can be challenging and often unsure where to start.

Our experienced after-sales support team, is working to provide you with the most appropriate services for both residential and commercial property purchases. We can help with everything from simple renovations to turnkey projects.

The main goal of our real estate after-sales team is to bring you together with the best quality materials at the best prices applying the best workmanship and create a comfortable, stylish and practical space to suit your taste. There may be more than you think we can do to help you, all you need to do is contact our after-sales support team. The after sales services provided is listed below for your comfort in owning your new property in Turkey.

Subscription and Repair Services

Following your real estate purchase, subscription operations such as electricity, water, telephone, internet, annual municipal dues, natural gas, which are among your general needs that will make your life easier, are long and tiring. Our experienced after-sales team provides the control, reporting and maintenance of electrical and sanitary installation systems such as air conditioners, refrigerators, water heaters that are already installed in your home or require installation.

Off Plan and Professional Construction Follow Up Services

Our team of reliable and high-quality techincal consultants will provide you with full support for your Off plan purchases, assist and inform you from project management, tracking your payments, contracts to be made and important matters you should know in advance of your purchases. Our team will keep you up to date with progress reports and photos in the off plan properties you have purchased.

Moving and Storage Services

Thanks to reliable companies that we have been working with for many years, we eliminate all your needs that may require care such as transportation, storage, furniture and packaging.

Rental and Maintenance Services

In case you want to rent your property, we are at your side for all kinds of support needs, from cleaning, pool and garden maintenance, storage, payment of electricity and water bills, rent collection and even dealing with potential tenants and buyers.

After the lease process of your real estate, visual control of the exterior and interior spaces are made and photos are sent to you by e-mail upon request.

- Ventilation and cleaning of all rooms, (Bed linen, washing towels and general cleaning)
- Control of electrical devices,
- White goods, furniture damage assessment checks,
- Security check,
- Filling the pool at the beginning of the season, daily pool cleaning service (pool chemicals, lubricating regular chemical tests), emptying the pool after the season, maintenance of the pool engine and all utilities are carried out periodically.
If required, an airport transfer is organized for you or your tenants. Car rental services are provided.

With the welcome package (bread, butter, cheese, jam, tea, coffee, sugar, milk, 2 liters of water and wine or beer, etc.), it is ready for your comfort when you come home. In short, we are working to make sure everything goes well for you.

Insurance Consultancy

The whole world actively uses the services of insurance companies. It is necessary to insure your health, your apartment or a car, although it is quite ordinary. Before making a decision, getting offers from various insurance companies, finding the most appropriate policy provides ease in solving the problems. Its cost will vary depending on the size and value of your home. The Home Insurance policy will include building content and collateral for natural disasters such as earthquakes. Our team will help you find the most suitable policy for you.

Our services do not expire after the ink in the contracts dries. So, whether you're moving home or buying a property as an office, our after-sales support team is ready to guide you to organize your next move.