Protection of Personal Data and Privacy Policy

It is our job to protect your personal information and ideas that you share with us by completing the form at The following guidelines define how we treat your personal information and ideas.

Explanation of Protection of Personal Data (Illumination) and Privacy Policy
Data Responsibility ID

As the Data Responsible, ("the Company") provides information to the following under the obligation to disclose that we can act in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act ("the Law") in respect of personal data obtained from our customers / potential customers.

For what purpose Personal Data will be processed

Your personal data shall be processed in physical and electronic environment in accordance with the basic principles envisaged in the Act and the personal data processing conditions and purposes set out in Articles 5 and 6 of the Act, for the purposes of the Company's being a Company customer, can be gathered within the framework of the operation and development of our services.

The following personal data you give to this site (collectively "Your Data");

Information about your visit and your use of the site,
(Such as your IP address, geographic location, web browser type, source, visits, and page / content impressions during your visit to our site)

All kinds of transactions and applications you make through the site
By the company;

When you visit the site, you get to know your computer and make your visit more productive by personalizing the site,
To understand your proposal acceptance and communicate with you about the subject
purpose. In case of the establishment of a contract following the award of the relevant offer, the above mentioned information will be used for the following purposes at the same time:

To carry out the proposal preparation process and notify the contract approval,

Use of Internet Site Cookies

Cookies are used on this site. A text file that is sent to the web browser by the web server and saved by the browser is called a cookie, which is sent back to the server whenever the browser requests it from the server, and the web server identifies and tracks your browser. We specify that we will be able to send you cookies to be stored on your computer's hard drive and that we will use these cookies for information management, site administration and site usability enhancement. Otherwise, our advertising providers will also be able to send you cookies.

Most browsers have settings that prevent them from accepting cookies. You can check your browser's help files for this. However, if you do not accept cookies, we will consider that you will greatly reduce the usability of many sites, including our site.

To whom and how the processed personal data can be transferred

Your Collected Data will be generated by the Data Officer within the framework of the personal data processing requirements and purposes set forth in Article 5 and 6 of the Act, for the purposes described in Article 2 of this Illuminating Text, at the stores, at the suppliers and at the authorized public authorities and private entities. limited to the purposes set forth in the Privacy Statement and Processing Policy of the Personal Data Shared on the internet address of Your personal data may also be transferred within the framework of Articles 8 and 9 of the Act, provided that the necessary security precautions are taken and limited to the purposes set forth in this litigation text.

Security of Personal Data

The Company has undertaken responsibilities as a data officer in establishing the necessary organization and taking and implementing technical measures for the protection of the confidentiality and integrity of information in accordance with the provisions of the applicable legislation in force. We hereby inform you that we have updated our data processing policies periodically in accordance with our obligations hereunder.
The necessary precautions will be taken to prevent loss, misuse and alteration of your personal information and ideas. However, since the flow of data over the internet is insecure by nature, we can not guarantee the safety of the flow of data over the internet. It is your responsibility to keep your password secret. Site management can not access your password without your knowledge and consent.

Method of collecting personal data and legal reason

Your data may be collected automatically or non-automatically, by virtue of the contractual relationship, or for any other reason provided by law. Your data are collected by the Company through the Company; We are gathering legal grounds for the fulfillment of the purposes set out in Article 2 of the present Illuminating Text, which is the subject of your disclosure to us.

Provided that the collection of personal data belonging to the parties to the contract is necessary and that your fundamental rights and freedoms are not harmful to the Company, provided that this information is directly related to the establishment or operation of a contract pursuant to Article 5/2-c of the Laws of Your Data collected in this jurisdiction, it may be processed by the Company without your explicit consent as the data processing for its interests is compulsory.

Your explicit consent may also be processed and transmitted pursuant to Article 5 § 1 of the Act on the purposes set forth in Articles 2 and 3 of the Illuminating Text.

Data Owner Rights

In accordance with Article 11 of the Act, an employee whose personal data is processed may apply to for claims relating to the following matters:

To learn whether personal data is processed or not,
Requesting information about personal data if it has been processed,
To learn the purpose of processing personal data and whether they are used appropriately for their purpose,
Knowing the third parties whose personal data are transferred in or out of the country,
Requesting that their personal data be corrected if they are incomplete or incorrectly processed, and requesting that the process carried out in this context be notified to the third party to which the personal data is transmitted,
Requesting the deletion, destruction or anonymization of personal data if it is necessary to process the data, and requesting that the process carried out in this context be notified to the third party to which the personal data is transferred,
Objection to the occurrence of a consequence against the data owner by analyzing the processed data exclusively through automated systems,
Claiming that the damage should be eliminated in the event of injury due to the processing of personal data unlawfully.
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