In today's changing living conditions, the population in large cities is increasing. This increase has made us adopt a site lifestyle with high buildings and social facilities. This changing lifestyle requires professional management.

As, we offer professional solution partnership in legal, technical, administrative and financial issues with our staff with theoretical and practical experience in the field of Site and Building Management.

One of the priority issues ensures the sustainability of the quality of life. For this, the management of the site should have financial planning based on months and years. offers professional support in this regard together with our expert solution partners.

Among the services we offer as,

• Determining the income and expenses of your site or building, collecting site fees, recording the accounting data, presenting the services and financial movements to the owners.

• Organizing employee personal files and fulfilling obligations to public institutions on this issue,

• In case of legal disputes that may occur with third parties or owners, follow-up through expert lawyers,

• Organizing the meetings of the board of directors that should be held regularly and notifying the owners of the decisions taken at these meetings.

• Finding and responding to the problems and requests faced by site or building owners in the fastest way,

• In case the equipment in the building, outside or common areas should malfunction or need maintenance, intervene by expert technical team,

• Ensuring the security of the site with camera, automation systems and expert personnel,

• Design, maintenance and cleaning of the landscape area.