Among the countless services we provide, you can consult us and take advantage of our rental service when you want to rent your property. You can rent it either on a daily or weekly basis, or on a monthly basis.

Our rental service is primarily based on trust. In order to consolidate this trust and to ensure the continuity of the service provided, an authorization certificate is signed stating that the owner wants to lease the property, and as, he will deal with this property and its tenant and provide the necessary services.

So why do we sign such a document and is it necessary?

It is a proof that the landlord is willing to rent this place in accordance with the contract, and that the real estate agent mentioned in the contract will deal with this property and will offer the rental service to the tenant that he brings to rent the house in the best way.

The articles in the contract can be changed depending on the agreement between the property owner and the real estate agent, but without this contract, the real estate agent cannot have any authority and right to speak on the property.

After the contract is signed by the parties, we take photos of the property, take the necessary information, edit it and then publish it on the relevant portfolio page of our website.

After the potential tenant interested in the property, an appointment is arranged at the appropriate date and time between the owner and the tenant, the lease contract is prepared.  The contract period is arranged as 1 (one) year unless otherwise decided.

Our brokerage commission is charged as per the agreement concluded after the official transactions are completed and the contract is terminated bilaterally. If the landlord is out of the city or unable to deal with the property, the contract can be extended until a agreed date, the real estate agent can continue to deal with the tenant and the property in the best way.