started to serve in the real estate sector and managed to appeal to large audiences in a short time. During this period, our team has worked with various teams in different regions of Turkey. During this time, he successfully established his own construction and renovation staff.

Our team has successfully completed many works, from zero construction of many residential and commercial areas to turnkey delivery, garden landscaping and restoration of old village houses.

Apart from the foundation-to-roof construction, has successfully undertaken the renovation works from A to Z in the second hand residences and workplaces it sells. Turnkey renovation is one of the works that determine the quality of life at home. This process that affects the entire home should be well organized and properly planned by a professional team. With a team of experts, the house should be thoroughly examined and the necessary preliminary work should be done. Our journey that we started with the slogan “Design your dream house”, has given you the opportunity to make your own dream house. I want to tell you a little bit about this program, which has been very popular and we have received very good results.

Build Your Dream House

In this program, we first determine the region according to the demand of our guest. In the background, our team updates our land and field portfolio in the selected region, we organize the discovery tour by presenting the most suitable portfolio to our customer. We can make the house as we want, but the choice of land is very important, we devote special time and attention to this issue.

After choosing the location, we extract the zoning status document from the relevant land registry office of the land and make the official confirmation of the previously acquired records such as housing base density, maximum height.

Architectural Meeting

Then, we hold our first meeting with our architecture office within our company. We ask for the first sketches of the project to be made by discussing the basic issues such as the shape of the building, square meter and how many floors it will be, based on your requests and the advice of our architects.In about 1 to 2 days, we welcome you in our office to examine and evaluate our sketches and to arrange updates according to your request. After reaching your dream floor plan and facade sections, we calculate the total cost per square meter.

Official Procedures

In the next stage, our field map team is driving the boundary piles of the land and determining building towing distances. For the towing distance, we can say the distances of the building under construction with the other building / adjacent parcel and road.

Our architects are approving the drawing of the project by official departments and fulfilling legal procedures. Meanwhile, we organize work with you such as flooring, kitchen models, woodwork, bathroom flooring, vitrified, doors, ceiling, smart home systems, lighting, garden walls, landscaping. These can take our 3/4 days.

Let The Construction Begin

We can list the construction stages as follows;

• Basement phase of our construction adventure that we started with foundation isolation and bundling system,

• Rough construction interior and exterior walls, roof,

• Electrical mechanical plumbing works and rough plaster,

• Fine works,

• We complete your garden landscaping,  garage, pool works, finally garden walls or hedges and we deliver your key.