The real estate and construction market, which is one of the leading sectors of our country, continues to grow day by day and change as in every sector. The positive progress in the economy has made our country and Istanbul a center of attraction for both foreign investors and domestic companies. A new housing project is promoted almost every day. It is necessary to develop a different marketing strategy for so many housing projects. For this, it is necessary to develop new strategies by following the developing technologies, new communication channels, and proceeding in this direction. It is necessary to renew the working principles, inform the sector employees and provide the necessary training. With the changing and developing system, the presence of well-trained with confident and reliable employees will carry a plus point to their companies.

Real Estate Marketing and sale is an organization that needs to be organized from the smallest detail to the top unit. Companies, which cannot adapt to developing technology and changing competition conditions, different consumer perception, cannot stay in the competition market and continue their continuity. 

As family, we are ready to give you all kinds of services and support with our always experienced staff.

As I mentioned above, although real estate marketing is considered as the job of the sales assistant at first impression, this is an inaccurate belief. First of all, the sales campaign is the common task of everyone working within our company, from the advertising campaign, price and payment plan, location, delivery date, design of the sales office, security measures in the construction area, reflecting the correctness of the project.

We offer our customers real estate options in line with their needs, we always take care to understand their demands in the best way. Because the more you understand the customer and the incoming demand, the easier it is to reach a successful solution.

Trust is one of the most important factors for us in real estate marketing. We understand the concerns of our customers in the search for a suitable property, so from the moment our customer comes to our office, it has always been the leading principle of our company to give him confidence and the best service.

The things that seem very simple to us can cause confusion in our customers, so we find answers to our customers' questions by understanding themselves and presenting them accordingly, not only by talking about it, but also by making on-site discoveries, by examining the sales contract, technical specifications and management plan of the project together.

One of the things that we always pay attention to is that when we market real estate, we provide not only four walls, but a complete living space.

In the sector, apart from banks, construction companies offer their customers maturity opportunities within their own structure. This provides a great advantage for customers. This maturity can extend up to 120 months depending on the delivery date. This form of payment, which is in great demand by customers,  seems to continue for many years in the real estate industry. 

What about after sales? Being in contact with the customer at all times after the sales process is among our most important principles. Our customers can contact our after-sales support team  and consult us to find solutions to their problems. This is always an indication of how seriously we take our business and it will continue to be so. As family before and after sales, we are always with you.