Intelligent Real Estate Investment Advisory & Consultancy provides services in the real estate investment sector with the following entry scopes. We deliver great value to your investment at any stage.  

Pre Investment: Covers analysis,  and research prior to real estate investment

Introduction to investment: The examining the investment where contracts, registration, payment and guarantees are involved. Where the legal matters are discussed. 

Management: Consultancy and / or senior management of the investment that is already in place.

Investment Optimisation:  Analysis on additional improvements that can be implemented enhancing the value of the residential or commercial investment.

Problem Analysis: The draft prepared for company functionality, project management or development in the legal framework and the steps to be taken in this framework. 

Before you choose your real estate investment, would you like to receive information from our consultants who are rational and have taken many successful steps in the sector, have a good expertise and experience in real etsate law and have a proven record in the real estate market?

Our team, which is the basic principle of the investment, by making the right purchase at the right time and aiming to win and maximize the investment recycling while taking the long or short term first, is ready to share with you large and small scale investment opportunities.

Many investments and big returns are lost due to planning or management mistakes.

Since the beginning of 2002, it occupies a place in the real estate sector, from Istanbul in Turkey - Investments in Mersin manages the entire coastline until you wondering difference?

Rational Investment Stages

Feasibility: Since real estate investment reaches maturity in comparison with other investments, feasibility study involving risks and opportunities is carried out considering the necessary regional, economic, political and global values ​​in line with the investment capacity. Within the feasibility study, factors that can add value to investment, development and modifications, and maximum levels of recycling rate are tested.
Appraisal: The CMB licensed appraisal firm of the mentioned investment is made and analyzed by local real estate appraisal, demographic factors and other similar comparisons and appraisals.
Business Plan:  We believe that a business plan is the constitution of investment. The business plan, which summarizes the investment from the first day to the last day, is prepared within the framework of earning times, exit scenarios, analytical thoughts and acquisition analyzes that take into account possible positive and negative factors. In a way, we can also say that the road map that explains the advantages and disadvantages of your grower over time.
Cost Analysis: Cost analysis is performed by taking into consideration the official, legal, registration, tax and capital requirements possible developments, investment capacity and steps to optimize recycling. All variations are made by taking the opinions of tax institutions, cost experts and investment development professionals, and leading institutions and organizations in their sector.
Tax Legislation: In accordance with the diameter of the investment to be made, the establishment of the company is determined by evaluating the possibilities of transfer over the company or purchasing over the company, and the ideal road map is determined by preparing within the framework of both income tax and corporate tax laws.
Currency Risk: It covers the investigation of the recycling that will be obtained in the investment maturity and finalization processes of the investment foreign currency, which is valid for foreign investors, on the basis of markets and taking all necessary measures.
Assurance: Steps related to the payment, delivery, registration and general operations that pose a risk in line with the Business Plan need to be officially secured in the legal platform, providing the necessary guarantees and building on solid foundations.
Reference: Generally, all collateral and reference based research and interviews are made in construction contracts or subcontractor construction company assignments that are generally valid for construction investments.

Located between developing countries since the early 2000s, Turkey has become one of the favorite destinations of domestic and foreign real estate investors. Unfortunately, having the right time and the right options does not require the right steps to be taken. Each investment has its own dynamics that need to be analyzed well. Thinking otherwise is like buying a plot and waiting for many years. To operate and gain potential requires a separate skill.

Our company provides investment transfer and recovery consultancy services. Often the mistakes we witness are just neglected management disorders that are ignored, although low cost legal, technical or simple. In addition to technical, legal and management mistakes, it should be remembered that avoiding contract and protocol costs brings heavy costs, unlike the institutional way of working. is proud and happy to serve you if your goal is to make solid, profitable investments within the framework of all this order and operation and if you are looking for an experienced professional and corporate solution.