Portfolio Management

As myvillaturkey.comfrom the first day we started our journey, our only aim until today was to be permanent in this sector by following principled, realistic and transparent policies. In line with this purpose, we have developed trust-based relationships with every buyer and seller where our path crosses. We actively worked at home and abroad, reached large numbers in our real estate portfolio diversity, increased our agency network, sold many real estate in many cities, and as a result, we have accumulated happy buyers and sellers.

Since 2002, we have great experience in how to effectively market a real estate. We are well aware of the importance of portfolio network diversity, understanding the investor's needs and directing them to the right portfolio, fair pricing of the portfolio and how important after-sales satisfaction is.

myvillaturkey.com has an extensive network of agents in Turkey, especially the coastline regions and has a current portfolio of over 15,000. Expert staff who dominate the region use their knowledge to ensure successful sales and stay in contact with the property owner throughout the sales process.

If you do not buy and sell real estate very often, you may need professional support in this regard. You may face many questions that you do not know the answer to. For example, how much you value your home for sale, how much similar real estates are in the market, how long a real estate can be sold in your area, whether the buyer is reliable or not. It is very difficult to find correct answers to many such questions. Being able to market the property correctly is a matter of experience and expertise. The sales representative of myvillaturkey.com knows the region gives you advice on how much time a house can be sold in the region, and will meet you with the right buyer in the shortest time possible.

As the first steps of the marketing process, we take professional photos of your real estate, learn about its features and upload this data to the digital portal. Your real estate is among the rich portfolio of many buyers and sellers and it starts to be marketed in other social media that are used effectively. Another method used in the successful completion of the sale of the property in the portfolio is that it has a large mail database. The information of the property is sent to thousands of buyers simultaneously via mail.

myvillaturkey.com specialist sales representative do not only use digital marketing, they select suitable buyers from wide portfolio of buyers, communicate and make face-to-face presentations and offer different options.