When you say real estate expertise, do you first think of the sale price of real estate? Even though it remained that way in our mind, it is absolutely important to be consulted while buying a house. When buying a plot, expertise on the zoning situation and the future construction of the region protects it from great dangers, and even saves lives.

Are you not afraid to spend the savings you have made in your life by visiting the house a couple of times?

Our experience in the field of construction is preparing a complete situation analysis report related to dampness, roof or foundation insulation, water and electrical installation problems, jacketing, paint isolation and any problems you may have, which may arise depending on the climate and soil structure in the region where you plan to own a property.

However, our country is located in an earthquake zone. Unfortunately, not all buildings are earthquake resistant, although very good steps have been taken with the urban transformation. Accordingly, we are also conducting earthquake resistance tests and building strengthening works by our experienced construction team if requested.

Don't Buy Land Without Asking Us

You are thinking of buying land, plot or fields. Soil is always a good investment, you will invest in it, and how well do you have the zoning law and legislation? Does your land have an agreement with the forest or state waterworks or other institutions? You are going to invest in a place where the construction permission will come soon, when will the construction permission come? You bought a field, the neighboring field has a right of passage over your field, did you hear it for the first time? If you wish, you can visit our real estate office and we can prepare a full expertise report about the place you consult us.

We can briefly summarize the contents of the report as follows;

• General report on officially determined projects planned for the future in the region,

• Opinions of all institutions related to the current situation of the land,

• Land registry document,

• Current relations with neighboring parcels,

• Zoning status document,

• If you are buying agriculture, we can prepare soil analysis and views of agricultural engineers showing which vegetation can grow.

For detailed information about appraisal works, please contact us and make sure you make the right investment. As we said at the beginning, remember that it is very important to take firm steps in the real estate sector where you invest your life.