Buying And Selling Services

Our company provides  the highest level of consultancy services to buyers and sellers in the transactions of all real estates. Unlike traditional real estate consultancy, it has always managed to be the leading company in the sector with its advanced perspective.

The First Step in Finding the Real Estate That Meets Your Criteria

It is very important for us to understand you correctly and offer the right option in real estate investment. We provide services in many regions of Turkey. We have expert staff in all these cities. The most important mission of our expert staff is to understand exactly what kind of investment you want to invest and to offer options that meet your criteria. After this point, we expect you to eliminate these options and let us know your thoughts.

Schedule an Appointment

We can go directly to the appointment stage by skipping step 1 with our customers who know the region or have already seen the desired property.

For your comfort, we take care to work with the appointment system .If you do not live in the region, city or country where the real estate is located, informing us about the dates you plan to visit provides a healthier and more complete service. We offer the hotel options that we have contracted in the region where you will be visiting real estate and special discounts are offered for your choice. Apart from this, necessary organizations such as flight ticket reservation and airport transfers are provided by us to ensure a safe and comfortable journey.

First Appointment

In our first meeting (up on your arrival time, sometimes on the evening of the day you arrive or the next morning), we meet in the lobby of your hotel and give you a brief  information about the area and the file that includes a picture of the real estates you will visit and a 'Welcome Pack' including all our services. While sipping our coffees, we answer the questions that you have in mind and  explain real estate purchasing procedures.

After setting off with our vehicle, we introduce you to the region and visit the sights and the places of interest. Many years of real estate experience taught us that the location of the region is much more important than real estate, this trip is very important, especially since foreign customers are not fully aware of the regions.

While visiting the places we call attraction points, we begin to visit the real estates on our list. Our trip can take 4-5 hours, we recommend you to wear comfortable shoes on the days of your trip, and in the winter months, we recommend you to wear your boots that will not be affected by rain and mud since some of our portfolio will be under construction.

On the first day, after visiting 4-5 properties you like, we welcome you to dinner according to your availability. We talk about the places we visit at dinner, we answer all your questions, and if necessary we rearrange our travel route. We decide our meeting time for the next day and leave you to your hotel.

The Second Appointment

At the end of the first appointment day, our guests come up with more specific questions that know better what they are looking for, know more about the subject and the region. Accordingly, we visit other places on our list, usually in the middle of the day, our guests have an idea of ​​where they like more in their minds.

In the meantime, we inform about the procedure, we talk about the sale price of the real estate decided to buy, we make comments about the offer and we get a reasonable offer from our customer. Depending on the wishes of our customers, we can show places such as souvenirs and shopping malls in the region.


After the decision to purchase real estate is decided, we manage official research on real estate and we get all the information about the status of the title deed and then we meet with the owner and start the negotiation.

We prepare contracts through the lawyers of our legal department according to the construction level of the property and the form of payment to be made, or we provide you with legal support over the ready contract of the construction company. One of the most important issues we take into consideration is to inform you about all expenses that may arise later. Upon your decision, 5% of the sales price of the real estate is made to the seller as a prepayment and the contract will be signed on both sides.

Title Deed Transfer

The next day, we start direct sales transactions on the land registry, we follow all the transactions such as dask insurance, real estate valuation, tax number purchase, etc. On the after noon we bring you to the title deed office for to complate the transfer procedure.

When you come to the signature for the title deed transaction, the sworn translator working in the title deed office completes the transaction. Payment is made at the same time by placing the title on your behalf.

Our Services After Land Registry

Registration of the real estate to the municipality,

Opening a bank account,

Starting subscriptions such as water, electricity, natural gas, telephone,

Automatic payment orders of subscriptions to your bank account,

Policies of your real estate insurance transactions,

Furnishing of your property,

The goods service includes all items you can think of at home. It covers everything necessary to make real estate ready for life, from towel to toilet paper hanging, washing machine to curtain, sofa to dining table, bedroom set, bed linen, cutlery, pan and pan. We offer you 3 packs of different price and quality for the item pack. We make the assembly and placement of all the products and items in our package, we will deliver them to you, including the cleaning of your apartment.

Real Estate Rental

This service is provided for furnished apartments and villas. We find daily, weekly and yearly tenants of your apartment or villa and follow all necessary transactions. This service is provided free of charge in the first year.

From the 2nd year onwards, we request 30-% 40% daily and weekly rental and 12% annual rental fee. Apart from this, if you do not want to take risks such as rent tracking, etc., we offer you a fixed rent, we rent your real estate for 1 year from you and evaluate it ourselves.

Daily and weekly rental, It is the process of leasing the real estate like an apart hotel room where our investor gets maximum income. Reception staff, inventory control accommodation contracts, accounting, cleaning processes, electricity, water, natural gas expenses are covered by our team. In general, it provides a profit equivalent to 1 year rent as a result of leasing in 3 months.

Annual rental, It is the process of leasing our investors' real estate for one or more years with a fixed figure and the annual increase determined by contract, without taking any risk. Subscriptions of the real estate such as electricity, water and natural gas are given to the lessor and paid by the lessor including the dues. The landlord is obliged to pay only the annual real estate tax.