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    İzmir / Bornova
51.000 $ REF: IZM-MVT-052 CONTACT

We are excited and happy to bring you the opportunity to make an individual investment in a world-renowned hotel brand in Izmir.

In Bornova, one of the most important locations of Izmir, the first "Hands Off Investment Model" of Izmir, a rent-guaranteed hotel room investment awaits you with advantageous prices in the Family & Friends period.

If we give brief information about the hotel room investment,

Depending on your budget, you can get 1 full room or one fourth of a room.

A minimum of 70% occupancy is guaranteed per month, which corresponds to a minimum income of 22.000 TL if you buy a full room.

As of the project delivery date, the rental guarantee begins.

There is a 50% down payment and a 12-month maturity opportunity for the launch.

Pros of Hotel Room Investment for you,

Risk-free return opportunity with the Hands Off Investment Model,

Hotel investment and foreign currency indexed income model, since hotel room prices are determined by foreign currency index,

Thanks to the daily room price variability, it means investing in an individual hotel room with the possibility of earning a high income thanks to its management by Hotel Professionals.

An investment instrument whose value is constantly increasing,

High return opportunity compared to traditional investments,

You do not deal with the problems of finding or not being able to rent a tenant,

You do not pay real estate tax, real estate agent commission,

An investment tool where you do not face tenant problems and the risk of paying dues.

Opportunity to invest in a foreign currency indexed sector with low enterprise cost.

An investment model where you do not buy the risk,

An investment vehicle where professionals manage your income while you enjoy your return.

Standard and Suite Room Options

Full Standard Room starting price 178.000.00 USD

Full Suite Room starting price 251,000.00 USD

Full premium Room starting price 182.000USD 

Full Family Room starting price 235.000USD

The price ranges above are valid for the campaign period.

For more information, please contact Whatsapp 0090 530 069 58 57 or fill out the form by click here.